Kitchen Construction Tools You Must Have

must have kitchen construction tools

There are many construction tools that bugging in prepper sites recommend, but there’s one place in your home that no one usually recommends for prepping. Kitchen construction tools are essential to have in your kitchen. Read on to find out why.

How many times have you gone into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee and want to add cream? You reach for the bottle of cream out of the refrigerator only to find that you can’t twist off the cap? It’s like they put the cap on using a power compressor! If you’re like me, that frustrates you no end.

Okay, so you finally get the cap off only to find out that it has a seal on the top of the bottle that is almost impossible to rip off if you have small hands – let alone if you have large hands? And that doesn’t even take into account how many fingernails you break! They either give you this little itsy bitsy tab that you need to grab ahold of – or no tab at all, and you’d swear they put the seal onto the bottle with super glue.

There is a solution!

You Need Kitchen Construction Tools!

The two tools I highly recommend are a small pair of jewelry pliers and a set of Channellocks. Wikipedia has all sorts of different names for Channellocks such as tongue-and-groove pliers, Multi-Grips, just to name a couple.

The other handy tool to have in your kitchen is a set of jewelry pliers.

6 Reasons You Must Have Kitchen Construction Tools

1. Give up swearing like a trooper when you can’t open up a bottle. You know the ones I mean – cream bottles, peanut butter jars, jam/jelly jars, water bottles, honey containers, wet dog food for your small dogs, etc.

construction tools for bottles

2.  Stop breaking your fingernails! How many times have you tried to take the cardboard cover that’s inside off once you get the lid off? Or have you ever tried to open one of those rice containers that are single serve? Most of us have probably tried the good ‘ole standby of a butcher knife. That is highly dangerous! Use the jewelry pliers instead. Grab the tab and roll up over the bottle or container.

more kitchen construction tools

3.  You won’t have to ask your partner, friend, or even neighbor, “Would you please open this for me? I can’t get it open.” I used to hate that until I started using my kitchen construction tools. Now that I live alone, I have a way to open these troublesome products.

4.  You’ll always know where at least 1 tongue-and-groove pliers and 1 jewelry pliers are, won’t you? Didn’t I always tell you to be prepared and that to prepare is to survive?

5.  If you have arthritic hands, you need help. While many people associate senior people having arthritis, that’s not true.  Arthritis can be evident at any age, and one of the most prevalent body parts that it affects is the hands. What better way than to use these handy, dandy kitchen construction tools.

6.  You can use the jewelry pliers for opening those pop top cans like soda pop cans, canned cat food, canned dog food.

While I know that this is not the normal article for how to prepare to bug in, it certainly would be advantageous to have these two kitchen construction tools on hand in an emergency too. Whether you have to bug in or bug out, maybe a set of these in each of your BIB or BOB bags might be a good idea, hey? What do you think?

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Updated 4/3/2024

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