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How to Stay Warm During Extreme Cold

Now don’t laugh at me. It was cold up north in Arizona and on the reservation the last few nights. What would you do to stay warm during extreme cold, especially if you did not have any heat? We’re going to run through a few things to keep you, your family, and maybe even some of your friends warm and safe. Continue reading “How to Stay Warm During Extreme Cold”

Prepare for Hurricane Season

Prepare for Hurricane Season

The 2020 hurricane season has already been busy – but according to predictions, it could even get busier. Just look at what is happening now with Marco and Laura. So what can you do to #preparetobugin? You need to prepare for hurricane season.

Prepare for Hurricane Season

Here are 5 suggestions to include in your hurricane season preparations:

1. Have at least 5 days of food and water (most experts say 3 days but I’d rather err on the side of caution.
2. If you should lose power, know where your reading glasses and your prescriptions are. To do that, have at least 2 flashlights and LOTS OF BATTERIES!
3. Is your cell phone charged like I advised you in a previous article?
4. Now where did you put your bag of an extra change of clothes should your house get flooded? Do you know where it is should you need it for your hurricane season readiness?
5. Read “Killer Hurricane Preparedness” on our website to get more information and suggestions. To be prepared is to survive. Don’t wait; PREPARE NOW.

prepare for hurricane season
Get Ready! A hurricane may be coming.

Hurricane Season Readiness

Hurricanes typically can cause a wide array of weather phenomenon. Like what, you might ask. Let’s see a brief list of hurricane season readiness items you should be aware of that could occur. You can start your hurricane season preparation right away:

The above list is just a taste of what can happen during a hurricane, so it just makes since that you should prepare for hurricane season. Prepare to bug in; however also be ready to bug out should flooding or other devastation develop.

Let’s now look at whom hurricanes can most adversely affect – seniors and handicapped. They need to get ready for hurricane season too. I’m sure you may remember the devastating news during Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  The number of people that were stranded due to all of the above side effects of hurricane storms tore at my heart strings, to say the least.

Hurricane Season Preparation

Over 175 mile-per-hour winds and an excess of $125 billion worth of damages struck terror in the hearts of nursing home, care center and hospital residents because they were in many cases abandoned and left to die. It was a terrible thing to hear from the media that these fragile individuals were told that someone would come to rescue them – and they never did. Bug in safety is critical for everyone but most of all for those people who can’t help themselves. You should help them get ready for hurricane season.
Prepare to Bug In is a subsidiary of Borlok Virtual Assistants, LLC. Our mission is to learn as much as we can about bugging in and survival techniques and then to pass that information on to our readers. Enjoy!

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Updated 10/9/2023

Senior Bug In Preparation Is Essential

If you are a senior (or someone that is disabled) and don’t have family or friends that you can rely on in an emergency, then it’s time for you to think about senior bug in preparation. What do you need to have in your house that will help you be comfortable, safe and self-reliant? Continue reading “Senior Bug In Preparation Is Essential”

Windstorm Preparation – Get Prepared Now

You wake up in the morning and hear a weather broadcast similar to this, “This is a weather alert. There is a severe windstorm in your vicinity. You should start your windstorm preparation now!” But, where is it? How soon before it will hit? Your mind races with all sorts of questions. The big question is what can you do now (and should do now) to get a handle on your windstorm preparation?

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Charge Your Smartphone Before a Prepper Bug-in Emergency

I get so many emails through customer service where people have written in on their iPhones. They have included copies of important documents. Unfortunately, it shows that their cell phone has 5%, 20% charge, or some other low percentage left. You need to charge your smartphone. Continue reading “Charge Your Smartphone Before a Prepper Bug-in Emergency”

Haboob Preparation Can Save Your Life

Haboob preparation can save your life. Let me explain. The haboob has not only eaten up the city of Phoenix several times during the last few years. It seems to have an insatiable appetite as it spreads clear across the valley swallowing up the homes and businesses… Continue reading “Haboob Preparation Can Save Your Life”

Bug In First Aid Bag Could Save Your Life!

Do you have a bug in first aid bag in your home? You know that an accident could happen within 1 minute into the future where you might have an emergency situation. Do you have what you need to possibly save the life of you, a member of your family – or your pet? Continue reading “Bug In First Aid Bag Could Save Your Life!”

Should You Prepare for Global Cooling

Prepare for global cooling – should you? There are differing views on this subject. People in Arizona would tell you that this has been our hottest summer in years – and it’s still hot at the time of writing this article.
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