Killer Hurricane Preparedness – What Is It?

killer hurricane

Killer hurricane – is there such a thing? Is one on its way to your neighborhood or city? Do you know what to do?

killer hurricane

Okay, so maybe I exaggerated just a little. Maybe you don’t have a killer hurricane on its way. But, do you know what to do in preparing for a killer hurricane? Let’s look at some things you should know.

Preparing for a Killer Hurricane

First of all, let’s look at some fun facts as put out by a group of 5th and 6th graders from Vidor Middle School in Vidor, Texas, about the Hurricane – The One-Eyed Monster. These are just some of my favorites, you understand.

killer hurricane

  • The word “hurricane” comes from Huracan, the god of big winds and evil spirits once worshiped by the Maya people of Central America.
  • Different countries have different names like the Philippines is Bagulo, Indian Ocean is Cyclone, Pacific is Typhoon, and Australia is Willy Willy.
  • The energy released by a hurricane would, if converted into electricity, power the United States for 3 years.
  • Each second some 2 million metric tons of air are circulated in, up, and out of the hurricane.
  • A hurricane can be up to 600 miles in diameter and can reach eight miles into the air.

Ah, but I digress. I mean, what is a killer hurricane and what do you need to do to prepare for a killer hurricane?

What Is a Killer Hurricane?

Simply, it is a hurricane that is a very harmful and dangerous storm that takes the lives of the unprepared.  Take a look at the below video and you will get a sense of just how powerful it is.

How to prepare for a hurricane, let alone a killer hurricane!

Here are the top 8 things you can do to save you, your family, and anyone else you care about.

1.  Plan to evacuate should you need to or be told to by your local authorities.
2.  Have supplies on hand for a minimum of 3 days (Food, water, first aid, etc.)
3.  Cell phones may be the only way to communicate during a killer hurricane. Make sure it is charged fully!
4.  Check your insurance coverage.
5.  Make copies of important documents. The best thing is to put them into a plastic bag and insert the bag into your bug in bag (BIB) or your bug out bag (BOB).
6.  Protect your home. This would include purchasing supplies, including plywood to cover windows and extra security to make sure your doors don’t fly open and repairing any siding and roofing, in advance, to secure their homes from damaging winds.
7.  Backup your important data on your electronics.
8.  Monitor your local news stations. They will keep you informed. Should you lose power, you can use your cell phone, laptop, ham radio…..Here is a good article from GrayWolf Survival for how to communicate when the world goes silent.

Get your supplies now BEFORE the hurricane is upon you!

Don’t let that killer hurricane sneak up on you!

Prepare now for that next killer hurricane that could be coming towards you. These same preparations for a hurricane will also apply to typhoons, cyclones, tropical storms and tornados.

Have you started to prepare for a killer hurricane yet? What are you waiting for? Get going now!

Prepare to Bug In is a subsidiary of Borlok Virtual Assistants, LLC. Our mission is to learn as much as we can about bugging in survival techniques and then to pass that information on to our readers. Enjoy!

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