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Prepare to Bug In is going to provide you with information on products and services that will assist you in not only preparing for a disaster – any kind of disaster – and not only prepping but also surviving. After all, to be prepared is to survive.

If you have been watching the weather on your TV, you may have noticed that catastrophes like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, winter snow storms and other extreme weather phenomena are getting more frequent and much stronger.

You will want to have things like food, water, communication means, and defense items so you can stay alive in your home for an extended number of days, weeks, or even longer. We’ll go into this in much more detail in upcoming articles.

We are going to do this by introducing you to this concept – bugging in.

Don’t know what it means to bug in? Don’t worry. We welcome preppers – both new individuals that know nothing about the subject, as well as seasoned preppers. We’ll teach you all about it.



What exactly does it mean to prepare? It has to do with preparing to stay safe during a natural and/or man-made disaster – anywhere in the world.

A prepper is someone who prepares for emergencies or disasters by stockpiling food, water, supplies, and equipment. They often have a “survivalist” mentality and believe in being self-sufficient in case of a crisis. Preppers can range from those who prepare for natural disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes to those who prepare for societal collapse or other extreme scenarios.

According to Disaster Preparedness, “The characteristics of preppers include the ability to plan ahead, self-reliance, adaptability, resourcefulness, and resilience.”

Prepare to Bug In wants you to be aware that bugging in is not the only strategy you have available to you in survival techniques. The other option is to bug out (or bugging out).

Bug In

Bugging In or Bug In refers to having the ability to handle disturbances in the society, survival or emergency situations in the Home.

Bug Out

Bugging Out, or Bug Out refers to the strategy of getting out of the home or evacuating if the emergency situation called for this approach.

Welcome Preppers

So welcome preppers as prepare2bugin.com takes you on the road to preparing to bug in. Remember:

To Be Prepared Is to Survive!

Updated 5/15/2023

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