Bug In First Aid Bag Could Save Your Life!

bug in first aid

Do you have a bug in first aid bag in your home? You know that an accident could happen within 1 minute into the future where you might have an emergency situation. Do you have what you need to possibly save the life of you, a member of your family – or your pet?

What Should Be In Your Bug In First Aid Bag?

bug in first aid

What you have in your bug in first aid bag will depend on your individual situation. There is not one first aid bag that will satisfy the needs of everyone.

Below are items that we consider essential products to have in our bug in first aid bag:

Prescription medicines

It’s always a good idea to have stored a small supply of your prescription medicines that you have already filled.

First aid kit

You can bug a first aid kit that is already put together, or you can buy your own individual items to create your own first aid kit, which is what we do. Below are items we have in our bag.

    • Surgical Scissors
    • Adhesive bandages – assorted sizes
    • Adhesive cloth tape
    • Colloidal Silver
    • A couple of white towels
    • Antibiotic ointment – (Neosporin has been used on our pets with no bad side effects)
    • Cortizone 10 ointment
    • QuikClot® hemostatic devices (Can be purchased from QuikClot.com. I would recommend that this would not be your first choice for stopping bleeding. Oftentimes wound pressure will suffice. If you do use QuikClot® hemostatic devices, then please follow up with a professional healthcare facility.
    • Pain relievers (Such as Acetaminophen or ibuprofren.
    • Pre-Moistened Medicated Wipes (we have Preparation H Totables in our bug in first aid bag
    • Sterile dressings for burns
    • Sterile gauze pads (assorted sizes)
    • Tweezers
    • Safety Pins
    • Hydrogen Peroxide
    • Face Masks
    • Space blanket
    • Nonlatex gloves
    • Roller bandages
    • Oral thermometer (non-mercury/nonglass)
    • Triangle bandage (at least 2)
    • Socks – These are excellent if you find you have to wrap a wound on your leg or arm with gauze and need to keep the gauze from falling off. Tape won’t always work. You can just slip the sock over the gauze and voilà.
    • Inhalers – if you need them for COPD, asthma, etc.
    • First aid booklet (although we strongly recommend you take a class for first aid, this will help if you need to brush up on something.
    • Extra cash
Over the Counter (OOC) Healthcare Items

Included in this section would be anything that you use on a regular basis. Let me give you a few suggestions:  hand and body cream, allergy medicine, feminine products (Ladies, if you’re on menopause relief products, don’t forget them), eye drops, toothbrush/toothpaste, etc.


An old pair of eyeglasses (even the magnifying eyeglasses at your local drug store might work). There’s nothing worse than trying to read something, like bug in first aid instruction, when your eyes are not quite what they used to be.

Customize Your Bug In First Aid Bag

Should the unexpected occur, your goal should be to know right where to go to get “such-and-such.” Whether it be your Bug In Bag (BIB) or your first aid bag, you don’t want to have to search for items if the power goes out for an indeterminate amount of time, you run out of an item and are disabled and you can’t get someone to run to the store for you or even more drastic emergencies. So get started!


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