Learning About Bugging In and Arcade Games

learning about bugging in
learning about bugging in
Learning can be fun!

Learning About Bugging In

Learning about bugging in for new preppers can be intimidating at first, but that does not have to be the case. If you have ever played arcade games like Pac-Xon, here are 5 things the games can teach you about how to:

1. Learn patience.

If you are like me, it can be hard to be patient sometimes. The kids are hollering, the water on the stove is boiling, workplace stresses are kicking in, these all tend to make us high-strung like a guitar string about to snap. Playing an arcade game takes patience to get through all the levels. So too does learning about bugging in. It’s not going to happen overnight.

2. React Quickly.

What if a tornado were to hit your state in one hour? What would you do? Do you have a plan in place as to where you will bug in if you are unable to bug out? According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,

“Knowing what to do when you see a tornado, or when you hear a tornado warning, can help protect you and your family. During a tornado, people face hazards from extremely high winds and risk being struck by flying and falling objects. After a tornado, the wreckage left behind poses additional injury risks. Although nothing can be done to prevent tornadoes, there are actions you can take for your health and safety.”

Do you know that there have been many tornadoes in the U.S. from January 1 – January 20, 2015 already? According to NOAA’s National Weather Service, there have been 86! Compared to 2014’s monthly January total of 175, this year’s has been comparatively light, but that doesn’t mean that you should not be able to react quickly.

You should prepare to bug in for the disaster that will most likely apply to your region, and playing an arcade game will heighten your timing so you will be able to think quickly on your feet.

3. Let go of perfectionism.

Okay, I will have to admit that I am still a work in progress with letting go because of my perfectionism. Things have to be just right, and especially with arcade games, you can’t be that precise. You have to be able to relax and recognize that it’s okay if you get eaten by little green monsters or squashing enemies, losing points, or what have you. You can still win the game. Learning about bugging in does not require that you have everything perfect. Do the best you can and take small steps to begin with.

4. Improve your strategy.

Mind Tools states this,

“To win at anything worthwhile, you need a game plan.”

They continue by saying,

“To be successful means knowing how to use your talent and resources to best advantage, and it’s very difficult to “win” if you don’t have this game plan in place.”

So when you’re learning about bugging in, think about the moves you are making and see if you can improve your strategy. Take a look at our list of items to have to help you get started.

5. Relax and have fun.

If you are new at being a prepper, don’t make it more work than you have to. Just like when you are playing an arcade game, do it because it’s something you want to do and will enjoy. Get your family involved with helping you to prepare. They’ll have fun and so will you. In the process you will be able to relax and let go of all the stress that you carry on your shoulders. Relax and have fun!

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