Food Storage Prepping Is Good For 3 Reasons

Food storage prepping does make sense for 3 reasons that I will explain below. But first, I want to explain just what food storage prepping is. Let’s break it down to two main points. First of all what is prepping; and then second of all, what is food storage?

What Is Prepping?

Prepare to Bug In ( defines ‘prepping as nothing more than preparing for an unexpected event mentally, physically and spiritually in order to collect and store items that will keep you and your family alive and safe in the event that a disaster occurs in your city and/or neighborhood in the future.’

I agree with Great Lakes Preppers who states:

“Prepping these days is most often described as a lifestyle and a way of thinking that facilitates the process of becoming self-reliant through increased personal responsibility. If you have, or are gaining, a personal belief that it is up to you to provide for you and your family in difficult times – then you are on the path to becoming a prepper!

Perhaps the unofficial motto for the prepper movement says it all – “Ready for Anything.”

Whether you decide to prepare to bug in or bug out, it’s all about getting ready. To be prepared is to survive.

Food Storage

Food storage is just simply having food on hand should you need it. Did you know that stores typically only keep 3-days’ worth of food on hand? Just think about how quickly that food would disappear if everyone in your neighborhood hit the same store at once because there was a power outage. And that is just one of the six scenarios in which you will need food storage as listed by the American Preppers Network.

Food Storage Prepping for survival
Food Storage Prepping Is Good!

 Food Storage Prepping

Now that we have looked at what food storage prepping is, let’s take a look at 3 reasons for why it makes sense to begin storing food.

1.  Food storage prepping does not have to be difficult.

The beauty of starting a food storage program is that you can do it in bits and pieces. There is a wide variety of foods that you can store, and you don’t have to do it all at once. Our recommendation is that you start small – maybe purchase one or two more items at your local grocery store than you might normally buy. Don’t forget your pets! They get hungry too. Think about what your family’s needs are – and then practice preparing a full meal without having your normal appliances – like a refrigerator, stove/oven or even a microwave. It can be done. The reason you will want to practice is so that you are not caught flat-footed should you and your family find yourself in a position that you will need to bug in.

2.  Food Storage prepping does not have to be expensive.

You don’t have to buy in bulk! When you’re doing your regular grocery shopping, you can buy a few extra cans of vegetables, a few extra boxes of cereal, a can or two of beef stew, etc. Just a word of caution – don’t go nuts and buy what you or your family wouldn’t eat, just for the sake of storing. A great tip is to prepare a list before you go to the store so you will buy what you are looking for. Don’t forget to check the best used dates on the cans you are buying. Depending on the store, you could have a can that expires in a few days or as much as 1 ½ years in the future.

3.  Food Storage prepping does not have to be boring.

Do you think that you have to just eat beans, beans and more beans? That’s not the case. You can store meat, vegetables, rice, potatoes, and fruit, and even bread. How? There are many places like,,, and, which are just four that I can name off the top of my head. Get your whole family involved and make it a fun affair for everyone.

So as you can see, food storage prepping really is good. Take a look at the local news and see how many earthquakes, hurricanes, winter storms, etc. are happening on a daily basis. Not only that, what if you lost your job and didn’t have money to buy food. You really will be glad that you have been storing food. This would help out in your time of need in a big way as you would not have to use your money for food. You would then be able to use your money for other things like gas or bills.

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