Prepare for Global Warming

prepare for global warming

Prepare for global warming – should you even be concerned? There are usually two trains of thought on whether or not there is even global warming to begin with. Which side of the fence are you on?

prepare for global warming

Should You Prepare for Global Warming

Let me start out with sharing with you an excerpt from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Atmosphere (NOAA):

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, March set another heat record for the globe. As Earth continues to warm and is influenced by phenomena such as El Niño, global temperature records are piling up.

For 2016 year to date (January-March), the average temperature for the globe was 2.07 degrees F above the 20th-century average….

Okay, but does that support the theory that there IS global warming? To determine that, we first have to consider what global warming is.

Let’s call on my old friend, Merriam Webster:

Global warming is: the recent increase in the world’s temperature that is believed to be caused by the increase of certain gases (such as carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere

That is what they call their simple definition. Merriam-Webster also has a more detailed definition that you can check into.

So…what do you believe? Is there global warming – or isn’t there? That’s it in a nutshell when I said in the beginning, “two trains of thought on whether or not there is even global warming to begin with.”

Don’t be sheeple!

First of all, let me explain what sheeple are. They are individuals that blindly believe everything that someone (including news stations, social media, government, teachers, etc.,” is telling them without thinking about it. You have eyes – read! You have a mind – use it! Do your own thinking!

Prepare to Bug In is not here to tell you what you should and should not believe. We share information with you in the hopes that you will prepare for global warming as you believe you should or should not do.

Do your research. As I mentioned in a previous article Newbie Preppers – Don’t fall for Hype, individuals, scientists, and even governments are going to try to “sell” you on their point of view. It’s up to you to prepare for the future based on your beliefs.

Have you started reading up yet?

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