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Borlok Virtual Assistants, or Borlok VA as we affectionately call us, has been in business since 2006. We’ve come a long way from when we were working on a co-educational private boarding school to now and have gained a wealth of knowledge – knowledge that we endeavor to pass on to our clients whenever possible.


We’re not exactly new at prepping to bug in. Living in Phoenix, Arizona, in the summer, it gets hot — really hot — 110 and more hot! We knew that if we lost our electric power, we nor our pets would be able to survive. That’s when we made a conscious effort to start preparing for just such an emergency by learning all about survival techniques to survive for any disaster that we might encounter.

Now we wish to pass on what we have learned thus far, as well as share any new knowledge we might gain in the future.

Have you seen the weather lately? Have you heard the latest reports about five states in the U.S. being in the midst of a severe water shortage? What do you know about global warming and how it can affect you and your family? Do you live in the East, maybe Buffalo, New York, and just went through the severe snow and ice storm? Do you live in San Juan, Philippines, and just went through that horrible typhoon that threatened to blow San Juan and further off the face of the earth? Perhaps you live in Great Britain. Did you know that a report has been released by the New York Times as recently as December 8, 2014 which states:

…that human-caused global warming is going to make European summer heat waves “commonplace” by the 2040s.

You need to know what to do in case there is no food that you can readily buy. What would you do if the monetary system as we know it goes away? There is so much more we plan to teach you about.

You need to prepare for any emergency, no matter where you live! To prepare is to survive!

We hope you enjoy our site. Make yourself to home now and prepare to bug in!

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